Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Case for Daytime Cleaning

I have heard a buzz for a couple of years about switching housekeeping services - typically a nocturnal activity - to the daylight hours. If your company/building owner uses green housekeeping materials and equipment, this eliminates health hazards to employees (low-emitting materials and green chemical alternatives), and also may eliminate or mitigate any noise issues through use of silent sweepers, for example, instead of vacuum cleaners.

The California EPA building switched to daytime cleaning for a variety of reasons, but discovered the energy savings were enormous: about $100,000 per year. All janitorial, landscape and maintenance services use non-toxic, odorless and biodegradable products. In addition, complaints about custodial practices have dropped more than 70 percent “now that the employees see...custodial staff working” and custodial staff turnover has been significantly reduced.

A recent article in Sustainable Facility, The Case for Daytime Cleaning, describes the Denver EPA daytime cleaning program with even more dramatic energy savings: $250,000/year, or $0.80/sf/year.

If you have questions about green cleaning for commercial properties, there are resources for you. One good place to go: The Green Cleaning Network.

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Gary Clipperton said...

I would be curious to learn if the cleaning productivity has decreased in the buildings mentioned. You would think that whenever a telephone rings, the cleaning staff would need to stop vacuuming.
I have performed some day cleaning in my 40-years in the business and found it to take longer during the day, in order to work around occupants.

Gary Clipperton
Custodial Consultant

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