Sunday, December 2, 2012

Creating Energy - Spinning and Swinging

In spin class the other day I kept thinking that all of the sweating I was doing (along with 25 other crazy souls) should be put to some use... besides burning calories of course.  During number 3 of a 5 hill climb, I wondered - would it be possible to take our kinetic energy and bottle it up for the gym to use at a future date?  With 25 Ed Begley Jrs cycling away, couldn't we at least create enough energy to keep the lights and music on in the room?

Look no futher than the Green Revolution, a product that solves this problem!  According to their website, the The Green Revolution bike is a "new patent-pending invention that converts human effort generated during aerobic activity into clean, renewable energy." 

Of course spinning bikes is just the start of smart human-created energy revolution.  How about a swing that generates energy!  Currently a pop-up installation outside the International Centre for the Arts in GuimarĂ£es, Portugal, the art collective Moradavaga has created the perfect playground energy-generating machine.  According to Kyle VanHemert, writing for Fast Company:
Each swing is connected by a chain to a bicycle wheel behind it. When the swinger starts pumping, a dynamo attached to the spinning wheel powers two lights, located beneath planks under the swinger’s feet. The electrical system runs "hidden from view," the creators explained, creating a bit of a surprise for swingers when a soft glow of light appears underfoot.
Given I spend countless hours (more than spinning) pushing swings for my 2 and 6 year old girls at the park, I think this is total genius.  And why are we not doing this everywhere!

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