Thursday, August 2, 2012

Disposable Take Out Boxes

Living in New York City I am addicted to take out food.  There are millions of fabulous choices of restaurants and street vendors at my fingertips, so it's pretty hard to resist taking advatage of this.  It's expensive sometimes, and I kick myself for that, but what makes me even more frustrated is the number of takeout boxes, bags, spoons, forks, sporks, etc. that I toss when I'm done eating.  It makes my guilty pleasure of getting take-out feel doubly guilty.  Which is why I was thrilled to find GoBox, a new way of using to-go boxes developed by Laura Weiss in Portland. 

I know, Portland... of course!  But check this out.  The box looks like a to-go box, but is intentionally reusable.  As a consumer, you pay $12 a year to use these boxes as a variety of vendors in Portland.  You bring the boxes back to one of the vendors and GoBox cleans them and gives them back to the vendors to use for other GoBox members. 

The boxes are made from #5 plastic, so safe to use in the microwave (if you are confortable nuking plastic). 

GoBox a local Portland business for now, but I think a great idea for taking to a bigger scale.  So simple!

Of course I know I should be cooking a home more, but another problem altogether.

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