Sunday, April 15, 2012

New York's Low Line Park

For those of you who haven't visited New York's HighLine park, an abandoned elevated train track turned natural park, it's worth the walk. It's no nice in fact, that on nice sunny days on a weekend it's super crowded, so I recommend picking a less popular time.

And for those of you looking for the next park to visit, check out early planning for New York's LowLine park, an abandoned trolley stop under Delancey Street on the Lower East Side, planned to be an "underground" park complete with retail and landscaping (that I assume prefer low light). The trolley station has been abandoned since 1948, and the Metropolitan Transit Authority owns the lot. Hopeful for much needed additional revenue, the MTA wants to open it to commercial development. The space is adjacent to an active subway station and next door to an above ground lot slated for development.

The Delancey Underground is hoping for matching donations to not only revitalize the neighborhood, but also create something transformative and green. From the Delancey Underground website:

... the Delancey Underground is more than an economic revitalization opportunity– it also represents cutting edge design and a new generation of green technology. It is at the heart of a broader global discussion about the potential of remnant urban infrastructure, and the need for cities to re-invent the meaning of space– above and below ground. The project also envisions a fresh approach to solar technology– using innovative fiber optics to reflect light underground, saving electricity and reducing carbon emissions, and generating the capacity for plants, trees, and grasses to thrive indoors.

Pictures c/o the Delancey Underground site.


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