Monday, February 6, 2012

Puma Goes Green

Maybe I don't shop a lot, but I was out looking for some cute, casual shoes to wear to work on those days that I don't have a ton of meetings or other need to be fancy and I found something new! My goal was simply to find something cute and professional that will go with "fancy" clothes and jeans alike; something that will help me with my mile plus walk from the Metro to work. I ran across an awesome pair of Pumas: They are awesome not just because they are cute and comfy, but because they have an innovative new (at least new to me) type of shoebox: it's a basic cardboard container with a cute little cloth bag around it. Take the shoes out, fold up the cardboard for recycling, and you now have a carry bag for your shoes - great for people who need to throw them in a bag, but don't want your shoes to touch anything else. Or you could use the bag for lunch, or whatever. Pretty cool!

If you don't have this as an option, remember to recycle or reuse your old shoeboxes - I take all of mine to the local animal shelter for use in transporting small animals to rehabilitators.

For other green fashion articles check some of our archived posts I'd almost forgotten!

Note: sadly they did not have the Pumas in my size, so I shall have to wait to shop another day!

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