Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What You Can Do to Save Water

Ready for some more tips? Here are a bunch of free (or cheap) and easy things you can do to save water. Again, hopefully you're already doing all of these and this is boring, old news. If not, take a moment and think about whether you can implement one (or more) of these simple tips!

So, what can you do to reduce your water use? Lots of things, most of which are pretty easy and inexpensive (or free). For example, some free things you can do include:

  • Check for leaks in taps, pipes, and hoses
  • Wait until you have a full load before running the dishwasher or laundry washing machine
  • Rinse your dishes in a plugged sink rather than running water
  • Don’t run the water while you brush your teeth

Inexpensive and relatively easy things you can do include:

  • Install low-flow fixtures (sinks, toilets, and showers). Low flow fixtures generally cost about the same as traditional fixtures and can be purchased at your local hardware store.
  • Install a dual-flush kit on your toilet. You can buy a dual-flush kit to retrofit your existing toilet for about $25. Dual flush toilets use less water for liquid waste and a full flush for solid waste.
  • Install rain water cisterns/barrels. Rain water cisterns collect water run off from your gutters; this water can then be used for purposes such as watering your garden or lawn. You can purchase barrels, or make your own from materials like a covered trash can. Many municipalities offer courses in making your own cistern. Warning: uncovered cisterns can become mosquito breeding grounds, so consider covered options, or investing in mosquito dunks to kill larvae.
  • Replace sprinklers with drip irrigation. Sprinklers shoot water into the air where it can easily evaporate. In contrast, drip irrigation is a method of applying slow, steady amounts of water to specific areas. This reduces the amount of water lost to evaporation, and also the amount of water that ends up in places it doesn’t need to be (like on the sidewalk or other runoff).

Look for some easy options for saving materials coming soon!

Image Source: Green O Green


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