Monday, August 2, 2010

Interview with Paul Westwood, Sustainable Development Manager for Texas Instruments

Paul Westwood is doing some incredible work with Texas Instruments, particularly with regard to saving energy and reducing carbon emissions in TI's manufacturing facilities. Here's what he's working on now...

Q: What green / sustainability-related project are you working on now that you are most proud of?

A: We just received LEED Gold certification for a large semiconductor assembly and test manufacturing facility in the Philippines. TI had the first LEED Gold wafer fabrication facility in the world in Richardson, Texas and now we’ve added the first LEED Gold assembly facility. This is only the 3rd LEED building in the entire country of the Philippines and one of the others is a TI LEED Silver facility.

Q: What has inhibited you or your organization from making more progress on the sustainability front?

A: Sustainability is still not well understood. People immediately want to start talking about the “green bling” of solar panels and wind turbines. It’s hard to get people to think about the whole system and how to eliminate waste and inefficiency first. The day to day work tasks sometimes cause people to seek the quick answer instead of the best answer. Being efficient and eliminating waste is a fundamentally good business practice so eventually everyone should get on board.


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