Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Interview with Curtis Ravenel, Head of Global Sustainability Initiatives for Bloomberg

We interviewed Curtis Ravenel for The Green Workplace book a while back and he impressed us tremendously. His energy and passion for sustainability along with a real business savvy are clearly the right combination for making green things happen in any company, but especially a company like Bloomberg. We caught a few minutes with Curtis who shared some thoughts on where he is today:

Q: What is your current role at your organization?
A: I run our Sustainability Group. We manage our sustainability initiatives - aggressively integrating sustainability considerations into all firm operations and leveraging the BLOOMBERG PROFESSIONAL Service to evaluate sustainability-related investment risks and opportunities for its 300,000 customers.

Q: What would you say are current “trends” when it comes to organizations adopting green strategies or principles?
A: The current trend I see is graduation. Firms are graduating from looking at sustainability as a risk management program to one that drives innovation and opportunity.

Q: How have recent legislation or corporate/federal mandates changed the way your organization addresses environmental issues?
A: No. We are headed down this road with or without legislation. It just makes good business sense.

Q: What green / sustainability-related project are you working on now that you are most proud of?
A: We have just completed a contract to install 1.7 MW of Solar power at a facility in NJ and 5 MW Cogeneration Plant in NY. Plus we've developed a robust Environmental, Social and Governance Data offering to complement our Equity platform.

Q: What advice would you give others in your position trying to make a difference for the environment?
A: ALWAYS leverage your environmental work to the objectives of the business. You can't do it alone and if you make that connection, it will all come together.

Q: What is your favorite source for sustainability/environmental trends or information?
A: Bloomberg of course! (OK, I guess this wasn't a fair question)

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