Thursday, June 10, 2010

Water = Power

We all have heard over and over that we should conserve water – while lots of people buy into this concept, there are still a few who don’t think water conservation is worthwhile…this week I heard a really compelling argument for all those naysayers (“water is a closed loop system – we’re never going to run out”).

Did you know that water treatment plants are the largest user of electricity in most communities? In total, water treatment plants use 4% of the entire U.S. electricity use. FOUR PERCENT! That’s a lot for a single use! And, 80% of that electricity is used to MOVE the water.

Think about that next time your community decides to install an irrigation system. Cost is not just the direct cost to you to pay for the water…but also in taxes & fees to pay for the electricity that the water company uses to pump the water to you. And taxes to pay for expanding the power plant to cover the increased demand. And we’re not even beginning to talk about carbon emissions….

Maybe water-efficient landscaping would have been a better selection. Oops.

Source: APA Planners Training Service presentation June 10, 2010


Julie said...

I think its good that attention is being directed towards water treatment solutions looking forward but I agree that there are solution that could be done to avoid the problem of running out of water. Like conserving it? I think more attention should be focused on promoting simple changes like dual-flush toilets that can actually calculate out to be pretty cost-efficient and a definite water saver. You can fiddle around with this calculator ( to see what I mean.

Jodi "Millennial 4 Earth" Williams said...

cool - thanks julie! we have dual flush toilets at work and EVERYONE is really good about flushing up....they're also at our local MLB stadium, but I don't think people flush up because there's not a high level of education at the stadium, and not a general, widespread knowledge of "flushing up."

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marko said...
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