Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How About Use Less Oil?

For the 500th time (or so), I was just asked to boycott BP's gasoline. While I'm all for not giving BP my money (and Halliburton., Transocean, the US government and everyone else involved in this disaster), I really think this boycott misses the point!

As I was getting ready to write this post, my husband mentioned an article he'd read in Newsweek: Boycott BP: Because It's Much Better to Give Your Money to Exxon. It's a little on the snarky side (which I like), and makes some really good points.

It is OUR collective fault that this happened. Our additction to oil and petrochemical products (yup, there are sure a lot of "everyday things" that rely on oil) is why BP and all the others are out there drilling.

We (myself included) need to change our behaviors. Do you really need to drive your car today? Take that flight (ahem, government officials that keep flying to the Gulf to look at the oil spewing...)? Buy that item?

Small changes can have a significant impact when lots of people adopt them. Today - think about reusing something rather than recycling or pitching it. Or decide NOT to buy something. Or ride your bike/walk to the grocery store. Great - that wasn't so bad. Let's all make it a lifestyle change instead of a one-day change.

Image Source: Treehugger/US Coast Guard


Jodi "Millennial 4 Earth" Williams said...

Got some great comments on FB about local business too.

Most gas stations are owned by franchisees (AKA small local business owners). The gas they provide may come from any variety of sources (likely a mixture) and there is not really any simple way to tell who actually drilled and processed the gas you buy.

Boycotting the BP station is not really hurting BP where it counts...until we show a reduce in demand overall, there will still be drilling in environmentally sensitive places.

So...let's ride bikes!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for addressing the problem. It is cultural.
How about boycotting styrofoam?
Leaving our plastic packaging at the store?

I love riding my bike, and leaving the car at home.

Club Penguin Cheats said...

I agree, our local gas stations get ALL their gasoline form wells less that 50 miles away!

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