Thursday, June 24, 2010

Destination: Up!

We all know that elevators use a fair bit of energy and it's healthier for us to take the stairs, right? Right. Of course, sometimes that's just not possible due to personal ability or, simply the number of floors in a building.

I recently wrote about the San Francisco Federal Office Building's every-third-floor elevators - which I think are great. Today, I learned about another trend in elevator operations: a destination-dispatch system.

Basically a user inputs his/her destination into a kiosk/touchscreen. The touchscreen then directs the user to the speific elevator. The user enters the elevator and is taken directly to his/her floor with minimal stops.

This sytem improves the efficiency for both the user (not having to stop at every floor), and for the elevator system (fewer stops, more passengers per destination).

Check out an article in Buildings Magazine for more info: Going Up is Made More Efficient


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