Thursday, April 22, 2010


I know you're always looking for opportunities to see our fearless editor, Leigh "Greenette" Stringer.... Fortunate members (and friends) of the USGBC-National Capital Region chapter had the opportunity just last night. Leigh was the featured guest speaker at the event, which was hosted at Jones Lang LaSalle's K Street offices in midtown Washington, DC.

As a colleague of Leigh's and contributor to the book, I have seen her presentation once or twice before (or maybe more than that). I can tell you, it's never the same show twice (READ: even if you've seen her before, come back and learn something new)!

During her presentation, Leigh shared a number of insights from both the book and the process of writing the book.

One of the themes that recurred throughout the presentation and the question and answer session was the importance of having strong leadership. Companies that have proven to be the most successful at sustainable operations are those that have leaders in the "c-suite" or reporting directly to the CEO. It's also critical for "everybody" within an organization to have responsibility for sustainability at every level and in every aspect of their job.

Some of the biggest crowd-pleasing moments included findings from the Green Lifestyle Survey - for example, did you know that plenty of people are willing to give up chocolate and even sex to stop climate change? Some would even be willing to give up their spouse!

The group left with books in hand and a some ideas for achieveable goals: measuring their own carbon and water footprints, committing to do just one thing more sustainably, and incentivizing themselves to be greener.

Many thanks to Leigh, USGBC-NCR, and JLL for a great event!

Reminder: just because you or your company are USGBC members does not mean you're a member of your local chapter. Be sure to sign up so you have access to great presentations like Leigh's and local networking opportunities, as well as educational events.

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