Saturday, April 3, 2010

Green Lifestyle Survey

It's time to take a temperature check and see how green people REALLY are.

At The Green Workplace, we've developed a poll to determine just how far people are willing to go to be green. The questions in the survey are designed to measure how committed people are in general to being eco-friendly and how important it is for them to work in a place with eco-friendly values. Some of the questions are a little provocative, but all answers are completely anonymous. Your secret is safe with us. If you're interested in seeing the survey results, we'll be posting them right before Earth Day (April 22) on this blog.

Our guess is that we're going to get some very interesting results... Please help us out, click below, and take the quick survey! There's no registration necessary. Please click below, take the... survey, and spread the word to others!
Note: The survey is now closed. For results, go here.

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