Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ride Shark... Green Commuting is Fun

I live the in the Washington, D.C. area and one of the more interesting habits of commuters here is a practice called "slugging." At specific points throughout the city, drivers line up (as do passengers) and random strangers ride together to take advantage of HOV lanes. Drop off points in town are also centralized, so the system is surprisingly predictable. After having lived here a while, I've heard mostly good stories about this practice but a few bad stories too. Not everyone has a similar view on how to handle speed limits, for example. A number of riders have gotten to work a little more ruffled than when they left the house.

So how do you find a good carpool without depending on a strangers to drive you to work? That's where products like Ride Shark come into play.

Ride Shark basically connects people with a similar commute pattern together in a carpool. They have different systems for creating carpools within companies, within campuses and within metro areas. They facilitate carpools, vanpools as well as biking, walking and bus-riding buddies. They also can help you find an emergency ride home if you need it. And the best part? They track your "carbon emissions saved" by using their system.

Think of it as a transportation demand management and social networking tool all wrapped into one.

A number of my clients are using it and love it. They claim to especially enjoy the feature that allows companies or groups to compete against each other to reduce carbon emissions. Nothing like a little competition to make that morning commute more fun!

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