Friday, November 20, 2009

GHGs Reduce with Economic Condition

The talk shows yesterday were all abuzz with the announcement that greenhouse gas emissions have reduced globally by 3% in 2009 due to the slowdown in the economy (according to the Global Carbon Project). They likened it to hundreds of power plants shutting down for several weeks. Basically, we've slowed down the production of "stuff," slowed down our driving and reduced our energy use in general.

My own family has been affected by the recession - we planned to move out of the city into a larger home to accommodate our 3 year old. After a couple of years of sticking with a smaller apartment at this point, we've unwittingly realized how great it is to have less "stuff" and commute less. Since we didn't buy that big house in the burbs, we don't need more furniture, we don't need that second car and we don't need "yard equipment." We probably contributed to that 3% reduction because we just stopped buying as much, period. I gotta say, it's much less stress and a great lifestyle.

So what if we all just keep doing more with less - would it give us more time, more money and fewer emissions to worry about? Honestly, I think so. I'm up for redefining the American dream and creating a World dream of less stuff and less hassle.


Green-A said...

I'g glad to hear you opted out of flight to suburbia. I don't think there is anything wrong with raising kids in a denser, more urban environment and I also don't think kids need as much space as we think they do. I shared a room with my sister for years and most of my friends similarly cohabitated with siblings. we're all OK. really.

Unknown said...

You failed to mention that due to the economy 10% of the people in america are out of work, struggling to keep their homes, taking decreases in pay. thus staying home looking for work creates less GHG's. Manufacturing Plants are shutting down and people are making sacrifices due to the economy. I for one feel lucky to have a job as most of my collegues have taken tremendous cuts in pay to keep their businesses alive. These declines in the economy may be good for the enviornment but they are not good for our tax situation as the more people not working means less revenue for the government which means they will simply print more money to cover all the income lost due to a bad economy- maybe the forced reduction in GHG is part of the cause of the economic downturn- it is something to think about..

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