Thursday, November 5, 2009

Could Your Office Park Also Be A Farm?

Just ran across an interesting article about "agriburbia" in the Denver Post. So, what is agriburbia? Essentially, it's integrating suburban development with agriculture on a large-scale (more than your basic herb garden). So, you build your suburban housing development, office park, golf course, whatever, but still use the remaining land as a productive agricultural resource.

Definitely an interesting concept. Check out some other resources:

Image source: Agriburbia


Jasper said...

With all those flat roofs in an office complex, there's scope for vegetable growing up there. What's more, a green roof can actually prove very compatible with solar panels, as the panels provide shade for the plants and the cooling effect of the roof makes the panels themselves more efficient. There's a blog article about this on the SolarUK (designers of solar hot water systems) webblog:

marko said...

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