Friday, November 13, 2009

Appearances Matter

So you want to be green? Sometimes it involves a trade-off...there's only so much money and time available for upgrades! A new survey indicates that more homeowners are likely to invest in kitchen and bathroom renovations or floor finish replacement (appearance-focused) rather than energy efficiency projects like replacing HVAC or windows.

Question: If you were suddenly handed $10,000 for home improvements, what would you do? (2009 data)
  • Refinish the kitchen or bathroom (37%)
  • Replace carpet or add hardwood or tile (33%)
  • Replace windows (31%)
  • Replace HVAC/furnace (23%)

Hopefully everyone is using eco-friendly new finishes and recycling their construction waste!

As for me, the choice was based on necessity - I had to replace my HVAC because it stopped February (brrr!!). And the windows got replaced because whenever it rained hard, water leaked into the house. The kitchen and bathrooms, well, they're still 1983-style sexy!

Above: Leaking window - duct tape was not a successful solution - very unusual!
Towel and blanket pile post-flood in the 1983-style bathroom - please note that i have since replaced the original showerhead with a low-flow fixture!

It's definitely frustrating - my house is not as pretty as some of my friends' and neighbors', but I spend a lot less money on energy than they do, and, well, no more flooding or freezing!

Check out the article:Survey: Homeowners Prefer Appearance Over Energy Efficiency .

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