Thursday, October 29, 2009

Open Space in Green Buildings Reduces Productivity?

Because of the focus on natural light and ventilation, green buildings are typically more “open” than traditional office space, meaning there are fewer full-height walls and and more flexible open areas instead. Many claim that this general trend has helped reduce energy use and building material consumption, but not necessarily productivity when it comes to acoustics or visual distractions. For more collaborative work, ambient noise or a general "buzz" around the office is good for productivity. However, employees trying to perform tasks that require a high degree of concentration may lose productivity due to noise in their work area.

My own view is that acoustics can be very subjective. For example, my husband likes to fall asleep to the sound of television, whereas I find television too stimulating and cannot go to sleep with it on. Some of my colleagues love to listen to music to drown out background noise... I find that even more distracting than tuning out what is happening around me. Maybe having a 3-year-old helps with this, I'm not sure. In any case, this recent push on companies to become more collaborative and more green has increased the amount of open space and now we're all finding our limits to what we can tollerate in terms of acoustical distraction.

Interestingly, when employees have some degree of self-control over the noise in their environment, they are less distracted by it (A. Kjellberg, U. Landstrom, M. Tesarz, L. Soderberg, and E. Akerlund “The Effects Of Nonphysical Noise Characteristics, Ongoing Tasks and Noise Sensitivity on Annoyance and Distraction Due to Noise at Work,” 1996). Maybe this explains my colleagues' headphones.

But it's not just noise. Research in open offices show that visual distractions associated with the continual movement of people has created high levels of dissatisfaction. This has lead to the widesrpead use of ever-more high partitions (cubicles). Although partitions reduce visual distractions, they have not adequately reduced the noise distractions (J. Heerwagen, “Investing in People: The Social Benefits to Sustainable Design,” 2006).

So what are companies doing about the constant complaints about their open offices? The solution for many organizations is to provide a mix of workplaces for their employees to move around in during the day, some of which have acoustic and visual privacy (supporting heads-down work). Other organizations have in invested in sound masking or have building smaller open areas (not just a sea of cubes) in order to minimise noise disruption.

My own view is that we put too much pressure on the physical office space to reduce acoustic issues and not enough focus on behavioral changes, policies and good technology to solve the problems we encounter. I'd rather not give up my windows for a sound-proof dark room... thank you very much.

This 5-minute Julian Treasure TED video is not exactly accurate in my view (Treasure claims noise in an open-office environment reduces productivity by 66 %), but he makes a good point about the power of noise! Check out his talk, “Four Ways Sound Affects Us.”


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