Friday, September 11, 2009

Use Pedal Power to Charge Your Batteries

For those of you who complained in our post Make Your Bike Electric! - about how using an electric bike is greener than driving but still uses carbon - this post should make you happy.

There are a number of interesting "pedal power" gadgets out there, but I'm looking forward to the BioLogic FreeCharge from Dahon. It puts a dynamo on a bike wheel that then charges a battery powered USB hub which you in turn plug your MP3 player/PMP or any other USB-chargable device into. Dahon claims that a full charge will be reached at around three hours of cycling. The BioLogic FreeCharge will be available in March 2010 for around $100.

It will charge camera batteries, iPods, phones and whatever small gadgets you have lying around that need regular juice. Now that's a productive workout.


Anonymous said...

Umm, shouldn't it be "pedal" power? Pedals are on a bike and petals are on a flower.

Leigh Stringer (aka Greenette) said...

Yeah, thanks. That's what I get for posting late at night!

Anonymous said...

There is a company that already sells such a product.


Unknown said...

My wife and I each bought an eZee brand electric bike...they are fantastic, we are having a blast on them. electric bikes

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