Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Streetlights that Dim with the Moon

Lunar-resonant streetlights, designed by Anton Willis of Civil Twighlight, LLC, are LED outdoor lights that dim when the the ambient light in the night sky increases. From the Index Awards website:

Now in talks with communities in San Francisco, where he lives, and in Austin, Texas, Willis is in an active search for test markets for his Lunar-Resonant Streetlights, which use a sensor to measure and respond to moonlight.

His light source is housed in a fixture folded from a single sheet of aluminum. The arc of the shape is inspired by the lunar analemma, a geometrical diagram of the moon's movement.

Willis agrees that Floridian coastal communities could be particularly right for this lighting system because of the needs of nesting sea turtles on the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico shores. "A sort of peripheral area of research I was into involved how natural and astronomical cycles are involved with physiology and the human body and other animals.

We love the enginuity of this simple device... no parking lot should be without it!

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