Saturday, September 19, 2009

Say Goodbye to E-Waste

This morning I was cruising through the CNN homepage to see if the world had fallen apart (it hasn't, and Jon & Kate are still on the rocks, in case you were wondering). By chance, I happened to find a cool article about a nifty company that will pay you for your old electronics.

No more putting your old ipod in a heap of electronics...simply ship it to and they'll send you some cash. The entire premise of the company is that if an item still works, why not reuse it instead of demolish it for parts.

Once they receive your shipment, Gazelle evaluates it to determine whether or not it can be sold on the secondary market. If so, you get cash! If not, they'll recycle it for you at no cost. Ok, it's not quite that simple on the Gazelle side, but, for you, the electronic recycler, it's a great option.

In addition to your old iPod, they'll buy your old cell phone, laptop, video games, external drives, LCD monitors, desktops, calculators, etc. Pretty great concept...I think I'm going to be digging through my closet of retired electronics!

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