Monday, September 21, 2009

Accidentally Green

I recently bought a product because I thought it was cool...but it turns out to be extremely green (for me)! So, what is this mystery product, and why is it so green?

It's the Soda Stream! Soda Stream is a little machine that carbonates liquids for you. That's right, a homemade soda fountain. I love it because I am ADDICTED to sparkling water...and I know that going to the store to buy 1 liter bottles of sparkling water is hugely wasteful (not only the plastic bottles, but the transportation costs).

Dropping some cash on a soda stream machine means far less waste for me - all I do is fill up the glass soda stream bottle with some regular old tap water, then push the magic handle, and poof...sparkling water!

What's even better than saving plastic is that Soda Stream is dedicated to recycling the carbonaters...and not just dumping them in the recycle bin. They want you to send them back to be refilled, and incentivize you to do so. It's free to ship them back, and if you don't ship them back, you pay $15 more. That works for me!! You can also purchase in stores. And, if you use it a lot, you'll pay off your investment in no time. I think I've already saved at least $30 in just three weeks...

I've never tried their soda mixes, but I can attest that my homemade sparkling water sure does hit the spot! And it's fun, too :)

Now, if I wasn't such an addict, this might not be so green (I mean, it takes some energy to make the system, so if you were only an occasional user, you'd probably be better off just buying finished products at the store). Regardless, for you bubbly water addicts out there - I highly recommend checking it out!


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