Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's Out!

Well, even though I've had the privileged of being able to read drafts of my colleague's new book, The Green Workplace, I immediately went out and purchased my personal copy the old fashioned way - I couldn't wait for our order to come in. I had intended to submit a photo of me purchasing the book at the local bookstore but the Sales Associate warned me that it was "against copyright laws" and refused. I replied, "but my buddyette wrote the book and I want to paste it on her blog!" That led to the inevitable bureaucratic sink hole of "you can ask my manager..."

I haven't finished reading it yet nor providing a review but do have a few of observations. The first chapter starts with a quote from a conservative newspaper journalist! The first group of people she acknowledges is her team - a great group of greeniacs - which speaks volumes about her leadership. Leigh put her heart and soul into this work and it's just the start of a long journey versus the completion of a book.

I look forward to finish reading the book as well as hearing from you what turned you on and made a difference in your journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle.


Leigh Stringer (aka Greenette) said...

Thanks so much Jim! How cool!

GoSustaino said...

Fantastic...congrats on this big milestone! I look forward to purchasing my very own copy.

Anonymous said...

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marko said...

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Unknown said...
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