Sunday, August 23, 2009

Timberland's Green Index Rating

I'm continually frustrated as a consumer that I just can't make informed decisions when comparing two products. I mean, which is really the best environmental choice? I know, you're thinking... the right decision not buying the product in the first place! But hey, sometimes I just need to buy something. And when I do, it's nice to know more than just price and pretty packaging when making a decision.

Timberland puts the equivalent of "nutrition labels" on its products with ratings based on greenhouse gas emissions, the use of solvents and resource consumption (their Green Index rating). It doesn't indicate "plane miles traveled" to get to the store or your doorstep, but this is a variable measure I guess. They have been doing this for a while, which is pretty impressive considering how most companies aren't even close to doing this.

All in all, I commend their setting the standard for embedding environmental metrics into their brand. Sadly, these same metrics are not available for other brands to help me do a little cross comparison, but I'm much more willing to buy something with an environmental label. I mean, at least they care enough to tell me that they are at least thinking about it. Hint, hint all you marketing groups out there!

Another interesting tidbit on their website... they plan on being carbon neutral by 2010. Remember when that seemed a really long time away? Let's see if they can make it happen!


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Sustaino - said...

Ah! They changed up their labeling. I saw the older, simple ones tagged on boots. This is much more fancy and the index is easy to read.

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