Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tastes Great! Less Footprint!! I know at the end of a hot day, there's nothing tastier than cracking open a frosty brew (especially a Delicious Miller Lite - yes, I know, it is not the choice of most beer snobs, but if it is good enough for Nick Lachey, it is good enough for me!)

Tim O has blogged before about green brewers, so when I received the following press release from Greenopia, I thought I might share. While DML is not on the list, it was still interesting to see

Check out their release, below:

Drunk on the Environment? Greenopia Rates 15 Major Beer Breweries for Sustainability

SANTA MONICA, California (August 11, 2009) - Greenopia today released a comprehensive rating of environmental impact of 15 of the largest breweries in the world. New Belgium Brewery took top honors receiving 4 leafs and Eel River received 3 Greenopia leafs.

One of the oldest beverages in the world, beer has only recently been getting attention for its environmental impact, which varies depending on the efficiency of the brewery and ingredients used. Concerns include the fact that beer production often requires 7-10 liters of water for every liter of beer and its key ingredients are often difficult to obtain through organic means. Some beer companies, like Eel River and New Belgium Brewery have taken significant steps to decrease their impact.

“We have found that the amount of resources that go into beer production is not common knowledge”, said Doug Mazeffa, Greenopia’s Research Director. “We are happy to support the companies who have been able to reduce their impact through better resource management.”

Greenopia used a comprehensive set of criteria to determine the beer company ratings. Data was collected from the companies themselves pertaining to the growing practices of the barley, malt and hops; transportation of the beer; brewery production efficiencies; and attributes of the beer packaging. Weights were set based off the relative life cycle impacts of each criterion during beer production.

“We were surprised at how progressive some of the major beer companies were,” said Gay Browne, CEO of Greenopia. “Even some of the industry giants like Anheuser-Busch, Corona, and Labatt Blue had some green merit.”

To find stores who carry eco-friendly beer near you, check out Greenopia's local green business directories.

Greenopia employs its award-winning eco-analysis method to deliver actionable green assessments to the rapidly growing green consumer market. Green businesses and merchants use Greenopia's targeted marketing methods to effectively reach consumers making greener choices.

About Greenopia: The leading online directory for green, sustainable and socially conscious, daily purchase decisions. Greenopia provides the market's only independent rating and ranking of green services and products. Our rankings and ratings are based on our review of publicly available information and reflect our evaluation of such information. To find out more, please visit

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