Saturday, August 22, 2009

Save Power with an Ecostrip

Do you dash out the door at the end of every day and you turn off your computer, but forget to forget to turn off your monitor, cell phone, printer and everything else that is sucking up energy while you sleep? Have no fear, Ecostrip is here! This modified powerstrip will turn off everything plugged into it when you turn off your computer for the day. Only one switch to remember now.

According to their site:

This powerstrip saves 10% on your home or business electric bill.

The price of energy affects businesses, schools and homes worldwide. The USB EcoStrip 2.0 eliminates the flow of electricity to computer peripherals when the computer is turned off, thereby drastically reducing electricity bills in the home and workplace.

According to the Department of Energy, 75 percent of all household electricity consumption is consumed when products are turned off. This costs the average home almost $1,200 each year.

Image from Ecostrip website.

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