Monday, August 3, 2009

Guilty Commuting

By now, we're getting to be more cognizant of our commuting habits to and from work....but what about to and from meetings?!

I'm lucky to work in a very transit-friendly city (Washington, DC), but sometimes transit is not the easiest solution for commuting to and from meetings.

Last week, I went to a meeting near the White House from our office in Georgetown. I took a cab to get there because I was carrying binders full of paper (GASP - I'd tried to do an electronic submission, but the client was just not quite ready for that). Our partner firm is another big green company, so when it was time to go, I felt like I couldn't possibly take a cab home (hello 7 MPG!).

My options:

  • Cab (~$8, 8 minutes)
  • Metrorail (~$1.35, 2 minutes on train; 30 minutes walking; unknown wait time)
  • Bus ($1.25, 15 minutes on bus; 10 minutes walking; unknown wait time)
  • Walking ($0, 35 minutes walking)
Other considerations besides time, direct cost, and carbon footprint included outfit (were my shoes appropriate for a long walk), hourly rate (walking costs my company/project more than a shorter commute), health (walking is good for me, cabs frequently cause car sickness, and there are opportunities for germ sharing on transit), and thermal comfort (have you ever been to DC in late July/early August - hazy, hot, and HUMID).

I ended up walking because I hate riding the bus, and the metro would take nearly as long. I arrived back at work a hot, sweaty mess...but with a carbon-free commute. What would you do?


Aaron Dalton said...

How about bicycling?

Should get you to your destination in half or one-third the time of walking...

With an e-bike, you wouldn't even get sweaty!

- Aaron Dalton, Editor,

Unknown said...

I probably would have taken the metro. I too dislike taking the bus and the metro would have given a chance to be a little cooler.

Jodi "Millennial 4 Earth" Williams said...

I did consider the bicycle, but neither I nor my client knew of bicycle parking at the destination - good addition, though!!

alesia said...

I'm digging the e-bike. Maybe we should look into getting one for our office. I'm also loving my new NextBus iphone app - it takes the "unknown" out of the equation.

Green-A said...

i would have walked too!

Anonymous said...

What would I do?
Get a life...

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