Saturday, August 15, 2009

Go Green with Golfers

Water conservation is kind of a big deal, no matter what your climate. One of the big ways to save water is to get rid of your water-hog lawn and replace with xeriscaping. But, not everyone is quite ready to give up the American dream of the white picket fence and green, green grass.

So, how can you get your green grass without high water bills or greenie guilt? I just learned from the New York Times that golf course managers have got the process down: On the Fairway, New Lessons in Saving Water.

Some quick tips:

  • Allow grass to grow longer
  • Repair leaks in hoses/irrigation as soon as you find them (and be on the lookout for them)
  • Keep lawnmower blades sharp, sharp, sharp
  • Plant appropriate grass species for the environment
  • Use watering cans for isolated dry spots
  • Replace annuals with perennials (ok, not grass, but still relevant to water use)
Any other great tips for more environmentally-friendly ways to keep your grass green?

Image Source: Travel Golfer

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