Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Green Workplace Book

Find out more about The Green Workplace: Sustainable Strategies for Employees, the Environment and the Bottom Line here:

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GreenJake said...

Excellent! Congrats on the phenomenal reviews. Can't wait to read it!

Buck said...
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Buck said...

It is about time that business stand up and do the right thing. We only have one world and it is comforting to know that private and corporate Amercia can unite for a common goal.

Anonymous said...

This comment isn’t about the book, which I haven’t had the chance to read yet, but I have a work place environmental question and am posting it here in hopes that someone has some ideas. Recently a local retail business started requiring their employees to bag all their customer items instead of asking them if they wanted a bag. If the customer does not want a bag they have to remove the item and give the bag back. This is even the case if they are buying a cloth bag from the store. How do you put pressure on small local businesses to use good judgment when it comes to their policies? Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

Sadly common sense is not all that common. My only suggestion is to remind the clerk (and/or store manager or owner) to rethink their policy and point out that they can still provide good customer service and be a good steward of the earth.

Even more sad is that some are oppositional just for the sake of being oppositional in this current political environment, so consider your listener when deciding on an approach. If they are anti environment, then you may want to pose the statement that appeals to their sense of profit, rather than a sense of decency. Sometimes, that is all some will respond to.

That Guy said...

But seriously, you could start with a letter writing campaign and if that goes nowhere then you set up a table outside telling people about the harm of plastic bags.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the ideas.

Unknown said...

Fantastic book!
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