Sunday, July 5, 2009

Featured Green Companies: Week of June 26

The following companies were featured on the Supporting Green Companies Facebook page last week. (Supporting Green Companies is sponsored by The Green Workplace blog). If you want to send any of these companies a message of support, "fan" them on Facebook now!

Extengine Transport Systems wants to be the world's smog fighter. The company, based in Fullerton, California, retrofits large diesel-powered vehicles such as garbage trucks and off-road construction equipment with a system that cuts smog-causing emissions by as much as 90 percent. Keep on truckin' Extengine!

Prometheus Energy is a Seattle-based company that has developed a process to capture methane gas, purify it, and convert it into liquefied natural gas, or LNG, which can be used to power buses. Prometheus' first commercial project, currently under way at the Frank R. Bowerman Landfill in Orange County, California, is designed to produce 5,000 gallons of LNG a day.

Gridpoint of Washington, D.C. produces a "thinking" power storage device that provides homes/businesses with backup power for use in an outage or when prices are high; it regulates that power, allowing customers to pick and choose when their house pulls in energy; and it eliminates the complex installations required by wind/solar--when the masses are ready for renewables, they'll have an appliance to link up with.

ReCellular has partnerships with wireless giants like Verizon and T-Mobile and retailers like Best Buy and Wal-Mart, all of which collect used cell phones and send them along to ReCellular, which either recycles them or rebuilds and resells them. About half of the rebuilt phones end up with domestic resellers, the other half in developing countries in Africa, South America, and Asia.

Recycline makes personal-care products from recycled plastic. Recycline's "Preserve" line of products can be found in Whole Foods, Stop & Shop, and Target. We especially like Preserve because they are made from from 100% recycled materials and are manufactured in the USA, which requires less energy to transport (if you live in the U.S.)

Several people have asked about finding green resources in their neighborhood. GenGreen Life hosts a directory of green products and services (i.e. dry cleaners, furniture, supplies, applicances), events, green jobs - all searchable by zip code. Most of the products and services have been approved by Green America (formerly Co-op America).

BTC Elements, an online store founded by Summer Bowen in 2005, is based in Los Angeles. They offer one-of-a-kind dresses made from second hand clothing, ditty bags made from old tennis billboard material, earrings made from old skateboards and baskets made of potato chip bags. There are lots of green retail businesses out there like BTC, but we especially love their design quality.


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