Monday, June 1, 2009

How Green is Your Mayor?

Grist magazine recently posted a list of 15 green-leaning mayors. Some will likely come as no surprise (Bloomberg, Daley), but others more so (where exactly is Fairfield, IA, for example?). I was disappointed to see only two women on this list, but really excited to hear of some of the cool things that are being accomplished:

  • Green strategic plans
  • Ban of plastic bags (grocery-type)
  • Reduction of city government emissions
  • Green roofs
  • Improved public transit
  • City code upgrades
  • Accountability for polluters
  • Creation of sustainability departments
  • Fuel-efficient fleets
  • Bicycle advocacy
  • Green jobs training
That said, here's the list. If your mayor's not on it, consider a call to your local government to see if you can get some of these great initiatives rolling.
  1. Michael Bloomberg, New York City
  2. Greg Nickels, Seattle
  3. Gavin Newsom, San Francisco
  4. Ed Malloy, Fairfield, Iowa
  5. Richard Daley, Chicago
  6. Shirley Franklin, Atlanta
  7. Ralph Becker, Salt Lake City
  8. Jerramiah Healy, Jersey City
  9. Manuel Diaz, Miami
  10. Elaine Walker, Bowling Green, Kentucy
  11. David Cicilline, Providence, R.I.
  12. Phil Gordon, Phoenix.
  13. Christopher Coleman, St. Paul.
  14. R. T. Rybak, Minneapolis.
  15. Bob Dixson, Greensburg, Kansas.
Image: Mayor Bloomberg's open bullpen office, source Contribute Media

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