Sunday, June 14, 2009

Coworking is Cool!

I recently ran across a relatively new concept (well, new-to-me): coworking. I'd heard of cohousing, which is essentially a collaborative housing community that includes private property ownership along with community space and shared responsibilities (think of it as falling somewhere in between an HOA and an intentional community/commune), but not coworking.

Coworking is an emerging trend that basically takes people from all kinds of professional backgrounds working independently in a shared space. To put it in a small-scale perspective, coworking is what my husband and I do when we both work from home on the same day. Or what college students do when studying for different courses in the dorm study lounge or someone's house.

Coworking takes this concept further and opens up opportunities for "like-minded" telecommuters and independent contractors to come together and work in a space. Coworking spaces can vary widely, from a coffee-shop atmosphere or someone's private home to a more formal space that requires workers to rent desks and supplies, or an environment with multiple areas for different work functions (such as a 'heads-down' space and a loud space).

It's definitely a fascinating concept...and something I could definitely get into. I know that despite the environmental benefits, I can't stand to work from home more than a day or two a week because I get lonely. Conveniently, Jelly! has DC-area meetups...I might have to try that sometime!

Check out a cool article on Urban Omnibus: Work and the Open Source City. And another one in Business Week: Where the Coffee Shop Meets the Cubicle.

Image source: The Small BizNest

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