Monday, May 11, 2009

Going Green with your Coffee

There’s a lot to love about coffee; the aroma, the flavor, the morning ritual, and the high-voltage jolt of energy that gets the day moving. Researchers in Spain have discovered that a generous dose of coffee every day just might reduce the risk of developing heart disease, too especially for women.

Coffee is the world’s second most commonly traded commodity and your daily choice on coffee can have a global impact; and by going green with your coffee you are making environmental, economic and social differences. You can help the farmers, the earth, the environment and the future, all by making a simple choice to choose right!

Here are some tips that I have found might help us make the difference:

  • Seek out the coffee that have traveled the least distance to reach you and also aim at supporting local, independent farms, cafés, and roasters.

  • Select organic coffee. Organic coffee does not utilize pesticides or other chemical solutions to natural problems and buying organic products makes you as a consumer support the natural and healthiest way to grow crops.

  • Look for Fair Trade Certification when you buy coffee, supporting fair trade organizations not only provides great products which make a tremendous impact on communities, but also can save you money

  • Look for shade-grown beans , When coffee crops are planted in the shade of over story trees, they reap the benefits of natural nutrients provided by leaves that fall to the ground and decay, creating a nitrogen-rich mulch over the soil.

  • Compost the roast; coffee grounds make outstanding compost. Coffee's high nitrogen content has made it a fertilizer of choice since days of yore. Composting leaves and grounds helps keep organic waste out of landfills, makes great soil, and keeps waste baskets dry.

For more information and tips, please visit the following websites
The Fair Trade Federation:
Cooperative Coffees:
Specialty Coffee Association:
Green your coffee break:


Debbie said...

Thanks for pointing this out. There are lots of good reason for going organic (not to mention fair trade and shade-grown) with your coffee, both at work and at home. If you don't have a good selection in your local supermarket, there are plenty of sources on the web


Soba Pobega said...

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