Monday, May 4, 2009

Going Green With Your Green

Going Green with your WORKPLACE,
Going Green with your HOME,
Going green with your FOOD,

How about going green with your GARDEN!!!!

"Going green" involves reusing, recycling, and reducing, but it also involves rethinking of how we do things. I find it interesting to share with you some tips on how to go Green with your Green

  • Go local – for plants, fertilizers and mulch,

  • Buy compost and mulch from a landscape recycling center or other local producer,
  • Look for pots made from peat, paper, rice hulls, wheat straw, corn, and even coconut fibers,
  • When purchasing plants, check with the garden center to see if they will accept returned pots,

  • Check soil after half hour of soaking to determine proper watering period. An inch of water will wet an average of 6-15 inches of soil, depending on soil type.

  • Use grey water from showers, bathtubs, dishwashers, washing machines, and sinks to water plants whenever possible,

  • Eliminate the need for harmful garden chemicals by pampering ur plants with healthy, nutrient-rich soil from the get go. “Healthy soil, rich in minerals, nutrients and ’good bugs,' maximizes a plant’s own healthy immune system to let it naturally resist pests and diseases,

  • Reduce overfeeding by using environmentally responsible feeding practices
    Mow less frequently and cut the grass longer so the top growth protects the roots, and water less frequently to force the roots to grow deeper, which keeps them cooler and less susceptible to drought damage. For tough lawns, use a soil conditioner with good micro-organisms and aerate to encourage soil health,

  • Choose least toxic pest control methods,

  • Use 100 % organic repellents to keep geese, groundhogs, moles, mosquitoes, rabbits and squirrels away,
  • Shred unwanted newspaper, and put it in the compost pile. Newspapers can also be moistened and used under heavy layers of wood mulch to reduce weeding and conserve moisture, and

  • Plant 2 more fruit trees

For more information and tips please visit the following websites;
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