Monday, May 11, 2009

Bike to Work Week

May is bike to work month, and this week is bike to work week. So, a good little greenie, I hauled my butt to work on my bike...13.8 miles each way. It took 3 hours total. Great exercise - burned about 1,600 calories (pretty much my daily intake)...Good for the environment, good for my health, right?!

There were a couple of negatives I found:
  1. I had to shower twice (no one wants to sit by someone that's just been biking for an hour and a half, including my dog)
  2. I did not bring my lunch (figured that I really didn't want to carry any extra weight), so I had to buy...extra trash generated!
  3. I was super hungry from burning all those calories, so I bought a second breakfast (yum) and a snack...more extra waste!
  4. My sunglasses fell off and got smashed by a car (I left them there as I did not want to also be smashed by a car)...litter and waste of money!

Overall, I think the reduction in carbon emissions probably outweighs the extra trash and water useage...but, it's still not quite a zero!!

Image source: Daily Life - yes, that is the trail I was riding on today!

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