Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Vancouver's Latest Hire

I've blogged about using livestock as part of a facility maintenance program before (Livestock in the City), so I was extremely pleased to see that the trend is starting to catch on a bit more in the mainstream.

The city of Vancouver, Canada is instituting a "GoatingGreen" program: they've hired an African pygmy goat to nosh on City Hall's grass. Tony the goat not only reduces the need for carbon-emitting lawn equipment, but also produces a good deal of manure. The manure is mixed with fertilizer and used to power small generators.

There are definitely some questions, particularly from animal-rights groups, and also from people who are concerned that Tony might wander off or bite someone. As for me, as long as Tony is happy and healthy (and nonviolent), I think it's great...and I'm still lobbying for my own goat.

Check out the article: Mayor Unleashes Goat Program

Image source: Maxitmag

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