Friday, April 24, 2009

Peer Pressure is Positive

Usually when we think about peer pressure, we think about teenagers trying to get each other to do unwise things. But what about using peer pressure for positive action?

You may remember, May is national bike-to-work month, and May 15 is bike-to-work day. There's a lot of talk at HOK about forming teams (we have four already, five with the WDC ofifce). I emailed some of the regular bike commuters to see if they were forming a team, and wouldn't you know it, gangleader Tim O sent an email to the entire office telling them that I was on the team.

I'd been thinking about joining, but am a little intimidated by the 12+ mile 1-way commute....guess now I'm going to have to just do it or face public ridicule! Thanks a lot peer pressure ;)

It was only appropriate that a friend send this article to me the same day Tim was harassing me about biking: Using Peer Pressure As A Tool To Promote Greener Choices.
While not purely about "do it because it's cool," the article focuses on behavioral economics - essentially making it "worth your while" to do good things. This applies not only to monetary reward (like having your name entered in a lottery), but also giving warm fuzzies (who doesn't want a gold star?!). Definitely worth a read.

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Gary Larson for president (after Obama retires)

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