Thursday, April 9, 2009

Farming in the City

We've talked a lot about urban farming initiatives (Credit crunch causing a green-slip in the sustainability agenda? , Cuba: Not Just Cigars ), but never about vertical farms using seawater.

Dubai, the land of architectural inventiveness, is pushing the envelope yet again. A new building that uses seawater to cool and humidify greenhouses is on the drawing boards.
Here's how it will work:
  1. Air is cooled and humidified by trickling seawater over an evaporator
  2. Air passes through second evaporator and mixes with the warm dry air of the ceiling interspace making the air hotter and more humid
  3. Warm air rises, passing through a central chimney where it condenses when it comes in contact with tubes containing cool seawater
  4. Condensed fresh water is collected to be used to water the crops
Having been in the Arabian Sea before, I can tell you it's as warm as bathwater (and Dubai is already pretty darn hot and humid, especially in the summer)...but, if this works (and gets built), it's a really cool idea...and an interesting addition to Dubai's already fascinating skyline (see pix of Burj Dubai being struck by lightening here).

Image Source: Gizmag

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