Friday, April 3, 2009

Bring the green fashion to the work place and Green-Up your Make-Up!!!!

Bringing Sustainable Fashion to work? Wearing Make-up every day? Feeling good about yourself ?

YES !!! - Then you might need to read our blog today

Bringing the Green Fashion to the Work place is not limited to green clothes, cosmetics has been around virtually as long as civilization—ancient Egyptian women and men wore cosmetics in their daily lives; red henna on their fingernails, green eye shadow, and brows and lashes blackened by coal or metallic oxides. Throughout history, beauty and makeup trends have come and gone. What options exist for the girl who wants it all without sacrificing quality?
Following in the wake of sustainable fashion, the beauty industry is catching on. Today natural products are the fastest growing market in cosmetics, the revolutionary mineral make up is the trend and the professional make-up artist's turn to come to the green party. We know that consumer pressure can encourage companies to consider the impact of their products, but the makeup industry also works with professional makeup artists who can have influence on both the companies' products they use and the clients they work with. Greenmua has a great listing of companies, articles and links for pro makeup artists who are interested in making their industry more sustainable.

Below are our tips for you to go green with cosmetics

  • Stay away from the top 10 toxic ingredients; research found that the 10 top toxic ingredients to avoid are, are: Lead,, phthalates, petro-chems, SLS, coal tar, mercury, hydroquonine, parabens, formaldehyde, and food allergens
  • Go for Certified organic make-up
  • Purchase from companies that support the fight against HIV/AIDS
  • When you buy from a cosmetics company, be sure that they allow you to re-fill their compacts or containers.
  • With a little research and a decent amount of label-reading, along with the helpful guides, it’s possible to find safe, non-toxic cosmetics without having to give up on makeup altogether.
  • Check the green cosmetics guide here, also check the Eco-Beauty and Natural Solutions for natural and safe products that you might decide to use


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Great post thanks for sharing. There are some things in there that I could take away for my blog, The Style PA.

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