Thursday, March 5, 2009

You Know You Ride Transit Too Much When. . . can stand without holding on to any handrails can fall asleep standing up know which car lets off closest to the stairs (or your transfer point) are extremely annoyed by people who don't obey the "stand right, walk left" rule know exactly which trains you can catch and still make your bus
...the bus driver (and newspaper guy) knows your name don't stop to look which way you are going right outside the train door refuse to use anything other than a SmarTrip (or similar) card for payment know on which side of the train the doors will open no longer refer to maps and instead count stops know exactly how much longer it will take to get home/to work from every stop along your route have "bus stop friends"

What about you and your transit daily grind??

Check out the article that inspired this post: Becoming an expert transit rider

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