Monday, March 2, 2009

LED Lighting

People ask me about light-emitting diode (LED) lighting from time to time. Most agree that this light source is the most energy efficient option - even more efficient than compact flouresent bulbs (by about 6 times), and the quality of light is warmer and debatably more flattering to color than compact florescents. Designers love LEDs because they are energy efficient (of course) but also because there are hundreds of options for color and shape - a limitation we had with incandescents for 200 years.

If you'd like to give LED lights a try, here are some sources with good, simple options:

Image: twig light design by mirko kisser from Germany


Unknown said...

I'd like to give you another great source for LED lighting. I've looked and shopped around and I find the best prices, selection and customer service online. Specifically, two sites are the best for LEDs -

What really makes Eaglelight and LEDinsider stand out for me was their customer service. They actually have people who call you back to help guide you to buy the right bulbs.

But on top of that, both of these sites give you a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on the lights. For me, I wasn't sure what LEDs to buy, so on LEDinsider and EagleLight I could get help choosing the right ones and then try them without any risk! You can't beat that!!

I'd also like to tell you which LEDs of all the ones I tried I like best. I've been buying LEDs to replace my old incandescent lightbulbs to save money on electricity. My electric bill has gone down 60% so I'm very happy with my LEDs!!

The LED lights I like best are:
the Pharox LED,
the VIVID 36LEDs, and
the PAR bulbs like the PAR30 and PAR38 .
Also, the R-20 is a great light.

The Pharox LED is a great 40 watt incandescent replacement - it's warm light, a nice frosted bulb that looks like the old one. The Pharox light has a soft glow I like a lot.

I also like the VIVID bulb a lot and it's CHEAP!, but be sure to order the 36LED version - is selling it for only $9.99! (it usually sells for $20-$30)!

Eaglelight also sells a multi color LED light that isn't a replacement bulb, but I couldnt' resist trying it and I've ordered more because I LOVE IT It has a remote and can change colors through 12 colors. This light really cheers up my whole family with its beautiful colors. It was only $31 - a bargain I think!

Thanks for your great Green Blog!

Unknown said...

LED lights are more expensive and more efficient! you should shop around - An LED bulb does not work for every need. (However, I am happy to see them finally catching on).

I use an LED light fixture in my home and want to replace all of my fixtures with them.

Lambent Vision manufactures LED light fixtures that light an entire room (without installing more than one), last more than 20 years, require no maintenance and contain no mercury or lead - Very family and environmentally friendly, and they come in cool or warm color

They are cool and you can't tell that I'm using LED

Sean said...

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Singer said...

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