Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Green (Home) Workplace

So... You left on a business trip and forgot to turn the heat off in your home office? No sweat! (Pun intended.) Out to a client lunch that went too long and you wish you could open your window shades to let in that glorious sunlight and heat your home office? Well, now you just might be able to do something about it from wherever you are...

Verizon announced yesterday (March 25) that it is moving towards rolling out a new home energy management service run through FiOS broadband service this year. The system will allow FiOS customers to regulate thermostats, window shades, and other energy saving devices remotely - even from cell phones. Though partnering companies, cost, and dates have not been released yet, Verizon says it could be as early as 2009.
The technology would most likely connect energy management systems to home routers, potentially bringing energy management companies, utilities, and telecommuication companies to the same table. While there are details yet to be worked out, there is tremendous opporunity to bring consumers faster and better-managed utilities as well as expanding the marketplace of energy-saving service providers.

Picture: "This Might Be Big: Verizon Fios Plans to Green Your Home with its Remote Control",

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Jodi "Millennial 4 Earth" Williams said...

I am seriously annoyed by FiOS....they've been advertising the heck out of it for years, but it's still not available where i Fairfax County, VA...a prime market, one would think.

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