Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Green Fashion for the Workplace

I have a bone to pick with the fashion industry... they need to get with the program. The green program that is. I've looked lots of places for environmentally friendly clothing options for the office and I come up empty handed. With the small exception of purses and sachels (the Ecoist candy wrapper bag is a real favorite), I can't find green options for a "professional" look. Sure I can find a sporty number at Patagonia or a t-shirt at American Apparell, but at the office, that can look pretty sloppy.

I'm not the kind of person will sort through thrift stores for slightly worn clothing. It's not that I mind used clothing, it's just that I travel for work, I've got a 3-year old, I'm writing a lot - no time for that. And with the horrific economic condition we're in, not only can I not afford Stella McCartney, but her clothes fit really strangly and are too revealing for my office anyway.

What annoys me in addition to not finding good green options (which I hope some of you readers will help me find) is that the fashion industry seems to be moving in the opposite direction. Last I heard, shoulderpads and bright colors from the 80s are back in style. So we are adding more material and dyes into our styles this year - WHAT?? Who in NY, Milan and Paris are making these decisions and why? Let's give them a piece of our mind!


Green-A said...

how about just making quality clothes? I spend $$$$ on a suit by a well-know designer and the seams unravel, buttons come off, the whole things feels like it's falling apart. how sustainable is that? when my clothes don't even last a year?

Brother sewing machine said...

Fashion trends move naturally in accordance with the wishes of the people and this is not unstoppable. But if we had the power to participate, then steered in the right direction towards a healthy world. Brother sewing machine

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