Friday, March 27, 2009

$2000 Cars are Here

Tata Nano . . . my new favorite car, simply because it's fun to say! And, it's cheap (just over $2,000), super tiny and fuel-efficient...all of which are good things.
As of the car's launch on Monday, the Indian company Tata Motors had over 1 million people on the waiting list...for an expected production of 60,000 cars in the first year.
The Nano provides an interesting social and environmental quandary: it's fuel efficient, which is good for the environment, and extremely affordable, which is good for the people, BUT being more affordable means more people will buy it (especially people who couldn't afford cars before)...and there will be more cars on the road. Not so good for the environment.
I'm all about evening out the haves and have nots...but this is a tough situation!
What do you think?

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