Friday, February 27, 2009

Tweet-a-Watt... The Green Social Networker's Dream

I have found nervana... it's a combo social networking / green behavior changing gadget that is affordable and simple to use. The winner of the Greener Gadgets design award was announced today in NY. The gadget is a jerry-rigged Kill-o-Watt plug in device (seen above) which effectively measures the power your computer or appliances use. What makes it a Tweet-a-Watt is an added wireless device that sends regular messages to your friends through you Twitter account of the energy you are used that day. Not only does it wirelessly tell your friends about your power use, but it tracks energy use over time through an internet site, so also you can make incremental changes to reduce your power use.

Even better - the inventors are making it open source, so that others can play around with the technology and use it for other technologies. AWESOME.

Image from Make Blog

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