Friday, February 20, 2009

solar powered cellphone - need I say more?

Samsung Electronics has unveiled the world's first solar-powered smartphone - and it's made out of recycled plastic bottles.The back panel of the new Blue Earth touchscreen phone doubles as a solar panel, enabling users to "generate enough electronic power to call anytime anywhere," according to Samsung. The device also comes with an energy-efficient plug-in charger that draws less than .03 watts in standby node, the company says.

The rounded, pebble-shaped handset is built from PCM, a plastic made from recovered water bottles. The entire device, including charger, contains no brominated flame retardants (BFRs), beryllium, or phthalate - potentially toxic substances common to some electronics products. Streamlined packaging is made from lightweight, recycled-content paper.

Finally, we don't have to carry around one of these 'universal' solar chargers with so many adapters you can start your own landfill with the leftovers!


Affordable Electronics said...

Wow, I can't believe they've actually made a cell phone out of recycled material.

Well its a big step, but will anyone actually buy it?

Sustaino - said...

This is huge big step. A sustainable, solar idea that is complimented by a no toxins recipe of parts!

This will match well in a Noon Solar Powered Tote Bag (

Great post!


Anonymous said...

How much will it cost? I would totally buy one if it were available across all carriers, and under 100 dollars. But if it costs $500 they have done nearly nothing because so few people will be able to buy one. It needs to be available to the masses at a reasonable price for it to be truly revolutionary

Anonymous said...

It seems like a good idea, but you're pretty screwed if it's cloudy, or the sun is already down.

Atleast they're thinking though!

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