Monday, February 16, 2009

Biomimicry & Traffic?

Just ran across a fantastic article about using leafcutter ants as an example for traffic planning:

Taking Traffic Control Lessons — From Ants.

The authors discuss how leafcutter ants travel immense distances in large groups, carrying heavy loads...but never get stuck in a traffic jam. This is because the ants have learned (0r instinctively know) that sacrificing speed for the individual benefits the collective group.

Researchers believe that if humans could utilize a system like the one used by ants, traffic incidents would be largely prevented, and average wait times would be reduced. Definitely a green idea!!

Pretty cool idea...even if it means giving up control.

Check out Greenette's previous post on the HOK/Biomimicry Guild Partnership, or some Life @ HOK posts on biomimicry.

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