Monday, January 26, 2009

Energy Inefficiency

Remember how your parents used to yell at you to close the refrigerator door? This was probably a cost-avoidance measure, but it was also environmentally friendly.

Overall, Americans need to do a better job of closing the refrigerator door, not running the air conditioning when the windows are on, and turning off the lights when we leave the room...both at home and in the office (I can't tell you how many times I've come into the office early in the morning to find that the conference room lights are on)!

Over the past couple of weeks I have run into a couple of articles talking about America's greatest untapped "natural resource" - energy efficiency.

The first article, America's Untapped Energy Resource: Boosting Efficiency, points out that efficiency isn't quite as sexy as solar or wind power, but that it is a remarkably simple and easy way to reduce reliance on dirty fossil fuels. Instead of providing more, and cleaner energy, we should use less (and cleaner, of course). We've already made huge strides: "the Alliance to Save Energy calculates that without the efficiency gains we've made since the last energy crisis, in 1973, our economy would use nearly 50% more energy today."
The author argues that there are two major ways to be more efficient: 1. Using more efficient equipment, and 2. Using equipment more efficiently. Simply put, we need to stop wasting energy and money.
The second was an opinion piece in the New York Times: Energy Inefficient. This piece points out how Americans spend more energy than other industrialized (or rapidly industrializing) countries to complete the same activities.
Pretty interesting (and inspiring) stuff! It's definitely got me thinking about my office Green Team and what I can do in my home!
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