Monday, December 22, 2008

Recycling Sucks!

This is so cool - a system that essentially sucks your trash and recycling down under the streets and off to a central collection point. No more smelly trash rooms, noisy garbage trucks, or waiting for neighbors to pick up their bins for days and days!

Developed by Envac, the stationary system essentially connects a bunch of input bins which are interconnected by underground pipes to a central collection point. Waste is stored at the point of collection until a regularly scheduled emptying time. At this point, vacuums and fans are turned on and the waste is sucked on to the collection point.

The mobile system works similarly, however, instead of waste going to a central collection point, it is sucked into a truck at a nearby loading area.

I first learned about the system from an article that describes the system's use in a mixed-use development: Quintain starts recycling revolution at Wembley City.


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