Friday, December 5, 2008

The Incredible, Edible... Fork?

I ran across this great new product that is still in prototype, but brilliant. It's an edible fork / spoon utensil designed by Italian student Davide Tarantino. It's made of dough that can be flavored and is industrially produced, poured into a mold and cooked.

What I love most about it (besides the fact that it's the ultimate example of cradle to cradle or zero waste thinking) is that is probably would really enhance a meal. It might be flavored sweet or savory, depending on what you are cooking. Or perhaps you might add daily vitamins - why not?

It's shape is unique, which is sure to be a conversation starter. Plus, anything that mixes design and food has to be good.


Jodi "Millennial 4 Earth" Williams said...

kind of like the "cereal straw" which i have yet to try, but is commercially available in your nearest kid's cereal section of the grocery store.

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Unknown said...
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